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Information Technology Vendor Selection Services

The average cost of a new Hospital Information System (HIS) can run from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in the typical Critical Access Hospital (CAH). The figures of acquistion for the 26 bed and larger Community Hospital can exceed $3,000,000. Electronic Health Record (EHR) modules alone, can run from $250,000 to $500,000 or more depending on the scope of the EHR project and the vendor chosen. Obviously, it is imperative that the correct products, from the correct vendor at the right price is determined. Very few CAH and Community Hospitals have the expertise, industry knowledge or personnel time to conduct a search and acquistion of this magnitude.

The reasons that hospital CEOs give for utilizing outside consultants for HIS/EHR searchs are:

  • Hospital does not have the internal resources to do this research and analysis

  • Local capability, in the community, to do this research and analysis is not available

  • The CEO and Board would like an unbiased opinion beyond what the Information Technology Vendor offers

  • A Hospital Information System purchase is one of the largest investments a CAH or Rural Hospital can make and a wrong decision can cost the hospital huge problems and hundreds of thousands of dollars

Once it is determined that a hospital is going to move forward with an IT Vendor selection process AGL can contract with the hospital and become the temporary procurement agent for the needed IT infrastructure products and services. The number of Hospital Information vendors that are now offering these types of products are numerous and each vendor has its good and bad points. Each vendor can offer the same products and services with different features and functions at vastly different prices and it can be a confusing process. The purchase of IT infrastructure or EHR software is a purchase that is generational in nature and one that the hospital must live with for years to come. It is paramount that the right decision is made for the right products for the right price.

AGL will be given a budget number that has been approved by Administration and the Board of Directors and a time frame for acquisition and "Go Live". In consultation with the hospital’s Clinical, IT and Administrative thought leaders; AGL will prepare an RFP, coordinate vendor presentations, arrange vendor site visits and negotiate pricing and contract terms with the Vendor of Choice. Upon completion of the contractual process AGL can work with the hospital and vendor to assure on time Implementation and “Go Live” of the purchased products

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